Miami Beach Dentist Shares Tips on Caring for Your Toothbrush


The way you care for your toothbrush is just as important as how you care for your teeth. Taking the time to care for your toothbrush’s needs should be a priority in your dental care routine. What you do with this dental tool can make the difference when it comes to healthy teeth and gums.


Your Toothbrush Spreads Germs

The toothbrush that you use in your mouth comes in contact with bacteria and germs. When you don’t care for it, then those germs will continue to live on your toothbrush, ready to invade your mouth yet again.


Caring for Your Toothbrush

Since your toothbrush regularly sees saliva, bacteria, blood and various forms of debris, it’s important that you care for it. Even if it looks clean, you probably have dangerous germs hanging around.

Here are the steps to take when you want to reduce contaminants:

Rinse your toothbrush completely after each use.

Avoid sharing your toothbrush with anyone.

Air-dry your toothbrush after every use.

Keep your toothbrush in an upright position when you are done.

Never soak the toothbrush in mouthwash.

Avoid using dishwashers, microwaves or UV devices to disinfect the toothbrush. This could lead to further damage. 

Never cover the brush or leave it in a closed container.


Replacing Your Toothbrush

It’s important that you replace your old toothbrush every three or four months. If the bristles seem to be wearing out prior to that, replace it sooner. A toothbrush that is worn out can house more germs leading to a higher chance of dental concerns. You’ll also want to buy a new toothbrush if you’ve been sick. 


If you have more questions about the best way to care for your dental equipment, make sure you talk to the dental staff at your next appointment. They can offer some practical tips that will be helpful to you.  Taking the time to care for your toothbrush now might seem like a pain, but it can help you prevent issues down the road. Remember, prevention saves you money and helps you avoid pain when compared to receiving dental treatments later. 


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