Invisalign in Miami Beach FL

Braces may be a highly effective way to straighten your smile, but Invisalign may be a better alternative for patients looking for minimal lifestyle change. Invisalign in Miami Beach FL uses clear aligners to gradually shift teeth into the desired position. These clear aligners offer patients a clear and convenient way to improve the appearance of their smile that does not require them to change their daily habits. Invisalign is removable and can be taken out to eat your favorite foods and complete your dental hygiene routine.


All About Invisalign

Alignment trays are custom-created using a mold of your smile. Every few weeks, the alignment trays are adjusted to gradually shift the position of your teeth. Every smile is unique and therefore may need more or less frequent adjustments. Generally, Invisalign in Miami Beach FL requires a shorter treatment time than traditional braces. This can also be an important factor when choosing the right orthodontic treatment for your smile.


Invisalign in Miami Beach FL successfully treats:


  • Unwanted gaps or space in your smile
  • Overbite, underbite, cross bite, open bite
  • Crowded teeth



Traditional braces might require patients to alter their diet to accommodate their metal wires and brackets. Certain foods may be too sticky or hard that could potentially break or bend the wires. Invisalign is more convenient than traditional braces because you can simply remove them to eat. That means you don’t need to sacrifice the foods you love while you’re working towards your goal smile. The convenience of Invisalign also helps people maintain proper oral hygiene. Alignment trays can be removed to brush and floss which can help prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar. Braces may make it difficult to effectively clean your teeth which may lead to the development of gum disease. Protect your oral health by choosing Invisalign clear aligners!



Don’t settle for a smile you’re not proud of! Invisalign uses custom alignment technology to give patients a discreet method of straightening their smile .A mold will be taken to match the shape of your smile exactly. The trays are created using a clear plastic that gradually shifts the position of your teeth. The alignment trays are typically worn throughout the day to slowly change the shape of your smile. These trays are then replaced every few weeks to provide patients with an easy and invisible transition towards the smile they want. Bulky metal braces and uncomfortable wires are no longer the only way to improve your bite. Boost your confidence with the use of Invisalign!


Shorter Treatment Time

Treatment time for Invisalign in Miami Beach FL is typically shorter than it is with traditional braces. It typically takes about a year to complete the Invisalign process, whereas traditional braces typically take about 18 months. However, treatment time is always specific to the individual patient’s needs, so be sure to talk to your dentist about the specific needs of your smile.


Over the course of treatment, the clear aligners will be replaced periodically to help gradually shift your smile. These aligners are custom-created to match your smile exactly, which can make this treatment more expensive than others. Talk to your dentist about the cost of your Invisalign treatment and how often you will need to replace your aligners.


Crystal Clear

The alignment trays utilized for your Invisalign treatment are totally clear. That means it will be virtually invisible during everyday life. This discreet treatment gives you the benefit of staying confident with your smile even while you are taking your journey to a straighter smile. When cleaning your Invisalign, be sure to stick to recommended cleaners by your dentist. Gentle detergents like denture cleaner are perfect to soak your Invisalign trays in. This will simply lift bacteria that may have built up on your aligners throughout the day. Toothpaste is not a good option for cleaning your alignment trays because it can cause them to appear cloudy and will then require you to get a replacement. Talk to your dentist about how you can keep your Invisalign aligners crystal clear!


The smile of your dreams is closer than you think! Call our office to schedule your Invisalign in Miami Beach FL consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!



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