Oral Concerns to Discuss with Your 33132 Area Dentist


It’s crucial that you see your dentist every six months for an evaluation or cleaning. In between, you might face several ailments that also require your dentist’s attention. If you notice any of these oral conditions, be sure to make a call to your dentist for an examination.


Bad Breath

Nobody likes to talk about it, but many of us face it at some point. If your bad breath is related to something you ate, or you neglected to follow your dental care routine, you can fix that on your own. If you find that the bad breath is persistent and you can’t get rid of it, it’s time to talk to the dentist. It might be a sign that there’s an underlying condition such as cavities. Don’t hesitate to get treatment; your friends and family will thank you.


Dry Mouth

The condition of dry mouth is also known as Xerostomia. This is a bothersome ailment that leads to numerous other dental issues such as gum disease and tooth decay. You might be suffering from a dry mouth in relation to a chronic illness or medication you’re taking. Make sure you bring a list of your health history and medications to your next appointment.


Concerns with Your Jaw

If you’ve noticed a clicking sound or any jaw pain, schedule an appointment with your dentist promptly. These are often signs of TMJ and need to be addressed.


Grinding Your Teeth

If you’ve been stressed and grinding your teeth, you need to talk to your 33132 area dentist. Oftentimes, we don’t even know we are doing it until someone else tells us. The dentist can supply an appliance that will protect you from harm. Otherwise, you might face chipped or fractured teeth.


All of these concerns might be things that you’re embarrassed to talk about, but they’re essential. Your 33132 area dentist has seen it all before and won’t judge you. By getting an evaluation early, you have the best chances of safeguarding your teeth from further harm. Prevention is easier and cheaper than costly dental repairs needed later on from neglect.

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