Miami Beach Dentists Discuss Salt Water Rinses & Your Oral Health

You might have been told to use a salt water rinse for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s used for sore gums, a scratchy throat or after a dental treatment. While it doesn’t take the place of your regular oral hygiene, there are some benefits to using a salt water rinse. Before you start rinsing, read this helpful guide to salt water rinses.
A Brief History
A long time ago, salt was used by the Egyptians for therapeutic treatments. There’s evidence that suggests they used it as early as 1600 B.C. as an anti-infective precaution. Then, the Greeks were also known for utilizing the healing benefits of salt as well.
What Can Salt Do?
Besides being a common additive to food, salt increases your mouth’s pH levels. This, in turn, creates an alkaline environment that’s difficult for bacteria to live in. Bacteria naturally desire an acidic home, so rinsing with this alkaline mixture makes it more difficult for the bacteria to thrive.
Salt also promotes healing which is why most dentists recommend its use for 24 hours after surgery. This isotonic solution has the same minerals that our bodies do, so it’s completely natural. In addition, it won’t irritate the membranes of your mouth like a commercial mouthwash might. 
When you are ready to make your own salt water rinse, here are the steps you’ll want to follow:
Put a half teaspoon of salt into your cup of lukewarm water.
Rinse your mouth every few hours for the first couple days after surgery.
After that, feel free to use it less often.
Salt water rinses are also ideal for:
Treating and soothing mouth sores
Relieving the pain from a sore throat
Using in exchange for your regular mouthwash in a pinch
Remember, salt water rinses are not designed for everyday use, but as a supplement to your normal oral hygiene. What’s most important is that you are brushing and flossing each day. If you have questions about the practical application of salt water rinses, it’s time to speak with your Miami Beach dentists about the benefits. Please give our office a call at (305) 535-3113 to schedule your next appointment.
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