What Is Bone Grafting?


Bone grafting is a treatment used when a patient’s jaw needs additional bone matter. Most often, it’s to supply a stable bone structure for dental implants to replace missing teeth. In some cases, the bone grafting can be done during the implant procedure itself, but other times, it needs to be a separate treatment. Either way, adding bone to weakened jaws is the ideal way to strengthen it for permanent implantation.


Where Does the Bone Come From?

Bone grafting material comes from multiple places. The most common and preferable method is to take it from the patient’s mouth. When there’s extra bone available in the mouth, that makes the procedure even easier. If this isn’t possible, there are some other options. The dentist might get a freeze-dried human bone from a tissue bank. There are also ways to get processed bone tissue from various animals. There’s also a bone substitute made from mineral sources.


If the bone is sourced from somewhere other than the patient’s mouth, additional safeguards and procedures are put in place. These are similar to those used during blood transfusions. These protect the patient’s safety at all times.


When Is Bone Grafting Done?

When the jawbone doesn’t have enough bone structure to support a dental implant, then bone grafting must be done first. The techniques build a dental ridge that supports the implanted teeth for the patient’s long-term care. Bone grafting can be done on a small scale or larger scale depending on what the needs are.


If you think that you would benefit from dental implants, but are concerned about the bone grafting procedure, it’s time to see the dentist for Miami Beach Dental Implants. Sit down with a list of questions for a complete evaluation and see if this treatment will help you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile.

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